NOVA Esports the Ruler: Stays Strong

NOVA Esports the Ruler: Stays Strong

NOVA Esports used to be the ruler. But now they keep the peace in the world of PUBG Mobile. It has been shown that they are a strong force. Let’s go on a deep dive into their amazing journey, which is full of wins, challenges, and a strong will.

NOVA Esports the Ruler: The decade from 2019 to 2020, from X-Quest F to NOVA Legacy

X-Quest F was a team that came together in 2019 and quickly became one of the best in the Peacekeeper Elite (PEL) league. They were the big name before NOVA Esports. It was the first PEL competition in 2019, and X-Quest F came in second place with the help of the active player Paraboy.

Based on what they had already done well, X-Quest F did even better in The Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019. They won three “Chicken Dinner” matches and became the first PEC Champion in the tournament’s history. NOVA Esports bought X-Quest F in July 2020, which led to the creation of NOVA XQF, which quickly became a strong competitor in the competitive gaming business.

NOVA Esports the Ruler: Raising the bar for excellence with Dominant Ascent

In the second season of the Professional Esports League (PEL), Paraboy won “Best Player of the World” and “Highest Kill” awards. There were high hopes for NOVA XQF, and they lived up to them. They had full power over the competition, which made them even stronger as the dominant team in the PEL.

NOVA’s growth continued in 2020 when they won the Peacekeeper Elite Championship by an amazing 39 points, beating all of their opponents. Even though NOVA placed sixth in the third season of the Professional Elite League, they were still able to achieve this success. NOVA won both the PUBG Mobile world Championship (PMGC) 2020 title and the 30th season of the Pro Evolution League during the world conquest in 2021.

Beyond Victories: A Celebration of New Ideas and Teamwork in the Making of History

A lot more than just winning competitions is what NOVA Esports is all about. Their partnership with Tencent Video makes new material and gets more people in the esports community to take part. NOVA is in charge of developing new talent and encouraging the growth of the esports scene in China. They also actively spend in grassroots projects.

NOVA stands out because they are committed to long-term growth and sustainability. This is why the Chengdu Executive Committee of the China Internet has praised them. Because of how dedicated they are, they are seen as leaders and pillars in the PEL community.

The Future Will Show Up

There is still a strong desire for success among the NOVA Esports team as they start a new chapter. This powerful Peacekeeper Elite force has a lot of strong members with a lot of experience, a past of being able to adapt to new situations, and a strong desire to do their best work.

NOVA Esports has left a strong mark on the NIAGASLOT Peacekeeper Elite scene. Whether it’s by setting new records or inspiring the next generation of winners.